Fausto Maroni was born on 01 – 30 – 1943 Montefiore Aso in the province of Ascoli Piceno. He lives in the Marche region until September 1953, when together with the whole family to Tuscany .

He went to school until the Goodwill professional that ends in 1959. The first contact with the world of work it in ’59 as a mechanic for scooters and motorcycles. The following year he worked as an engineering workshop in Florence . Two years later, work in a garage for cars and trucks always as a mechanic. All this until 1964 where he will get his first breakthrough in the field of work.
Mr. Fausto Maroni will be contacted by Marchesa Pucci in Florence where he will play the role of Driver – Waiter, following the Marchioness Pucci will be contacted by another Marchesa Marchesa Mrs. Niccolini di Pisa ( residence of Camugliano ) . The Driver – Waiter service will be conducted by Mr. Fausto until 1972 , when his father’s death will bring him back to Certaldo, where he will start the final turning point of his work.
By purchasing from a colleague of Certaldo Public License (NCC Hire with Driver ) creating the CAR FAUSTO Maroni NCC, will this work with honesty and perseverance succeeded in the ’80s to buy his first Minibus , and from there begin to widen succeeding to obtain good results thanks to its professionalism , education, respectfulness and negligence in the work.

In 2000 his son Leonardo Maroni will become part of the company , usually in the year thanks to thorough research and very expensive made ​​in the 70s , is able to search for the origins of the Maroni family since 1400 , in which it will be found to belong to Maroni family coat of arms where a Lion uproots a tree . This coat of arms since 2000, will become the symbol of the Maroni.

In 2005 Fausto is leaving the company to the Son Leonardo, who will continue his father’s footsteps …

Leonardo Maroni was born in Florence on 08 – 24 -1976 .
After attending primary schools ( elementary and middle ) . Log in to superior I.T.I.S. ( Technical Institute Sarrocchi ) and studied as Electronic Expert , graduated in ’95 with a good result : 48/60 .
Finished school fails to immediately enter into an electronics firm in Certaldo ( the SICEP ) where it is used to calibrate Transceivers and testing of electronic boards.
At age 21 he was released ( as a result of various professional examinations ) licenses to drive the bus and certificates that allow the usage of this , for the transport of persons .
During the years following the military (’96 / ’97) continues to work to Sicep helping his father on the weekend , to learn the art of the driver.

In 2000 he joined permanently in his father as a partner specialized . In 2002 he became Managing Director, is an integral part of the company , he served as Manager , making contacts , entering into contracts and estimates , and at the same time continuing to work as a chauffeur in all respects.

In August of 2005 Fausto Maroni leaves the charge holder to the Son , who as well as gratitude for this important role rename the company from CAR FAUSTO Maroni NCC

He is already ready to tackle the job and all the contacts will be having behind more than a life spent on the bus with his father , even at 7 years experience of which 3 are passed as manager of the company